General FAQ's

1. What is happyhour bars!?

2. Is happyhour bars! free?

3. Why use happyhour bars!?

4. What should I do on happyhour bars!?

5.Who can see me or my reviews?

6. Is happyhour bars! in my city?

7. How do I find what I am looking for on happyhour bars!?

8. Can I refine my search results?

9. What is Send 2 Phone?


1. How do I become a happyhour bars! member?

2. How do I verify my account?

3. How do I edit my profile?


1. How do I invite my friends?


1. What does happyhour bars! do with my private information?

Writing Reviews

1. What makes a great review?

2. Can I review a business I am connected to?

3. What if I had a bad experience? Can I write a negative review?

4. Does happyhour bars! ever remove reviews?

Writing Reviews

1. Can the iphone app run on any iOS device?

2. I am not a registered happyhour bars! user. Can I use this app?

3. Does the app work in my city too?

4. The app does not detect my location. Why is that?

5. What is the check-in feature in the iphone app? How do I use it?

6. Why is my iPhone app crashing?

7. How do I add a new place/ event or upload photos and menus?

8. I am facing problems while using this app. What can I do?

Advertising on happyhour bars!

1. How do I advertise on happyhour bars!?