Privacy policy

We are absolutely committed to protecting your privacy. We are also committed to the following:
(1) We will not pass on any individual user details unless we have your prior consent.
(2) if we don't have your consent to pass on individual user details, we will only give advertisers aggregate statistics about the number of users and their traffic patterns. However, if Happyhour bars changes hands, Happyhour bars reserves the right to transfer all information collected through this site to the new owner.

Personal information

Happyhour bars requests information from you in order to grant access to selected content. Happyhour bars may use this information to contact you directly regarding your relationship with the site. This information will not be used for promotional purposes save and except in order to promote the site by advertising the aggregate statistics of users. Further, if you choose to fill out any reader surveys, order items from the TOD Store or participate in a contest, information that you submit about yourself, including your name, address, phone number and e-mail address, may be shared with associated sponsors in aggregate form, or directly when noted.

We collect these kinds of aggregate user information for two main reasons:
(1) to help us continually improve the service we offer and
(2) to sell sponsorships on the site to appropriate advertisers.

Cookies and Happyhour Bars

A Cookie is a small amount of data that is sent to your browser from a Web server and stored on your computer's hard drive. Happyhour bars sites at uses cookies to traffic to each site. We do not track nor store the paths of each individual user. We also use cookies to track your membership to the site. This ensures that you are a subscriber, and allows you to roam freely within our subscriber-based site without typing in a password to access each page. We do not track any of your activity as it relates to your individual movements throughout our site, only as an aggregate of data in conjunction with users to our site as a whole. Your movement is not tracked once you leave our site.

Happyhour Bars e-mail policy

When you give us your e-mail address, you are also asked to let us know how we can use it: You can opt to allow us to e-mail you regarding your subscription, or to allow us to send you additional information via e-mail that we believe will be of interest to you. Such requests will be opt-in only, so that you do not inadvertently agree to receive mailings you do not want. If you place an order in our online store, purchase a subscription to Happyhour Bars, participate in an online survey, or submit a sweepstakes or contest entry, you may receive a one-time mailing to confirm your transaction or interaction with our site. Such mailings are one-time only. When you give us your e-mail address under these circumstances, you will also see a box that, when checked by you, will enable Happyhour Bars to contact you via e-mail regarding special events, discounts and offers. If you don't want your information to be used for any of these purposes, you should not check the box.

If we ever request that you volunteer additional information, such as financial data or age—in an online survey, for example—your response will always be voluntary. In addition, there will always be a box for you to check if you choose to enable us to disclose such information to a third party. Online users may opt to receive a regular e-mail newsletter that contains information we believe to be of value to our users, specifically special discounts and offers selected by our marketing department. Visit weekend mailer to sign-up for the free list. Such mailings include an invisible image that allows Happyhour Bars to determine if an e-mail was viewed, in that it calls our server and registers a count. This image is solely for the purpose of providing aggregate data to our advertisers. Individual actions are never tracked, and we do not record whether or not you as an individual read or opened any communication from Happyhour Bars. We respect that your receiving the e-mails is a choice, and you may choose to remove your name from the list at any time by following the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the e-mail or by e-mailing to

By registering for the Happyhour Bars e-mail newsletter, you agree to receive details about special offers, information on your Happyhour Bars subscription, editorial previews and discounts from commercial participants by e-mail on a regular basis. Happyhour Bars is not responsible for the satisfaction of the special offers and discounts as announced in the e-mail newsletter. If for any reason you are not satisfied with an offer or discount, contact the commercial participant making the offer. By subscribing, you agree that Happyhour Bars will not be liable to you for anything connected with your participation in the E-mail Newsletter Program. We are absolutely committed to protecting your privacy.

Working from time to time with a specific sponsor (or sponsors), Happyhour Bars may create stand-alone promotional websites for the purpose of collecting sweepstakes registrations. In these instances it will be communicated to registrants via opt-in that their contact information will be shared by the sponsor (or sponsors) and Happyhour Bars for the purpose of sending confirmation and marketing e-mails. By opting into Happyhour Bars's promotional websites, you will also be opting-in to receive weekly e-Newsletters. Opt-in language may take the following form:

In order to be eligible to enter the sweepstakes, you must agree to receive confirmation and promotional e-mails from Happyhour Bars and the sponsor(s).

Third-party disclosure of personal information
1. Links to other sites: Our site contains links to other sites that are not under our control, even though some of them may feature the Happyhour Bars logo through a marketing agreement with us. Happyhour Bars cannot be held responsible for the privacy policies of other companies or in what manner your information is used by such other companies. We recommend that you review the privacy policy of any site you visit on the internet. Happyhour Bars may receive a commission from member transactions on these partner sites.
2. On occasion, Happyhour Bars sponsors special promotions, sweepstakes and contests that are hosted by partner websites, which may require that your browser accept cookies, or that you agree to receive information from affiliated sponsors. Such requirements are clearly noted.
3. Required disclosures: Happyhour Bars cooperates with all law-enforcement inquiries and reserves the right to disclose personally identifying or aggregate information in connection with a subpoena or other court-sanctioned demand for such information.


Happyhour Bars has invested, and will continue to invest, in the best-quality security available to guard access to information, data quality, and physical security of servers where information is stored. Our site has security measures in place to protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control. Despite these efforts, we can't guarantee that a hacker will not obtain access to communications between you and the site and we shall not be held responsible for such unauthorized access or for any loss or liability that may arise to you due to such unauthorized access by a hacker.